What are the keys to your business growth?

Understanding your target audience, creating the right culture and managing your business profitably.

Enjoy a smoother ride to success

Change is the new norm: 

In a complex and unpredictable environment, it is important to focus on what ultimately makes a difference to your business: Customer Quality - Every business needs customers.

By adopting a customer-centric approach, you will make the right decisions, turning current challenges into opportunities with the support of all your employees. 

Your challenges:   

Build on what customers want and translate them into requirements to create:  

  • A leadership team focused on customers and employees and an effective culture for a stimulating and agile environment
  • A supportive and trusting team that behaves and works well    
  • An alignment on change and strategy for a sustainable growth
  • Empowered employees to serve a loyal base of growing customers, as both are deeply interconnected. 

The time is now:

It is never too early nor too late to start this journey whatever your business size and industry are.                                   Indeed, customer emotional and rational needs are changing at an accelerating pace. So always be inquisitive with customers and stay nimble, daring and engaging to maxime your growth.And apply the same approach to your 'internal' customers: your employees.

Let me help you create new opportunities

What you get:

  • The business support to achieve your goals and growth.
  • The expertise, experience, skills, mindset and network to build a strong team and profitably manage your business.
  • Business transformation through the power of customer and employee centricity: a simple way to attract and retain customers while empowering employees. So be ready to transform your business culture, leadership and employees behaviour to succeed.

What I bring:

  • More than twenty years of senior leadership experience across several industries.
  • Proven expertise in customer and employee centricity to deliver sustainable growth. 
  • Coaching, group facilitation skills and training inc leadership, team dynamics, emotional intelligence and mindfulness
  • Extensive and up-to-date business understanding, through regular trainings and exposure to many challenges with:
  1. Major clients in different industries - ex Clydesdale Bank, Shell, Tesco and The Foreign Office
  2. The Prince's Trust Charity as a start-up business mentor
  3. High-growth SME coaching with government programmes such as the Growth Accelerator and the Growth Vouchers. 

So you can make an impact now

Rise to the challenges:

Working with me you will truly understand your environment and your customers needs. As a result you will have more ammunition to drive change and scalable and sustainable growth. This will empower teams, individual employees and your customers.

Regain momentum:

  • Understand who you are, where you want to go and what is driving you, unlocking your potential as a leader, as a manager and as an employee with emotional intelligence and mindfulness 
  • Create a positive culture, listen to customers and employees feelings and needs. 
  • Act on insights - Define your strategy and drive change to grow. 
  • Build effective and aligned teams (leaders, employees). 
  • Engage and empower your employees, they are the interface with your customers, so nurture them. 
  •  Manage your business more efficiently.
  • Create new opportunities.
Sophie Appleby Portrait

Why wait for success?

Start transforming your business now, creating the right culture and bringing employees and customers on board in the right way and fast!
In your first session, we can assess your needs and I create a tailor-made program for your business.

Mobile +44 (0)7554 323 883

Email sophie@sophieappleby.com

Web www.sophieappleby.com


2017 - The Foreign Office

2017 - Shell Petroleum

2016 - Tesco

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"Sophie led a professional, dynamic and informative seminar on customer centricity for FOCUS members. Her presentation was very well reviewed by the diverse audience of expats interested in or in the early stages of starting their own business in the UK. We would welcome her back and recommend her professionalism and experience."

Nancy - Director of Events and Seminar at FOCUS - Feb 2013