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Has the COVID 19 pandemic impacted your work? Are you jobless or furloughed? Or is your current role not fulfilling and you need a change? 

Do you feel anxious, even overwhelmed by your job search, or do you need direction in finding your next role?  Are your challenges around:

  • Being clear on who you are: your story and strengths
  • Identifying and practically targeting your next role
  • Changing career, using the current COVID 19 as a catalyst to focus on your purpose
  • Managing your energy and wellbeing after a challenging time and amid current uncertainty 
  • Renewing your confidence and resilience to keep going and get the right job 

If so, I can help you. I have more than 10 years of proven track record in career coaching and top class training with expert insights on neuroscience, emotional intelligence, culture, leardership and business. My aim is to support you to stand out from the crowd and accelerate your transition to a new job, be it a similar job to what you have or a different one.

‘Sophie helped me find a new job in a highly competitive industry. Her approach was very effective. It was practical, action-oriented and rounded as we also worked on mindset, confidence and resilience. I have recommended her to my network, all very satisfied‘ Executive Director – Financial sector – London / UK

“Sophie’s approach is structured and rounded. Through this process, I regained self-confidence and optimism to find the job that suits me.” E-commerce Marketing – Retail and fashion sector 

Approach & Outcomes

I will give you structured support with targeted and sequenced activities, tips and access to resources in a blended format (emails, exercise documents and live sessions). You will gain: 

  • Clarity on your own narrative – i.e. on who you are and what you have to offer: needs, skills, strengths, motivations, values, personality traits …
  • Ideas for your next role with a targeted action plan inc career change
  • Advice on effective networking to get much-needed information and recommendations
  • Tips and tools for persuasive communication ( CV, LinkedIn, letter ) to land your interview 
  • Guidance on interview skills and mindset to confidently answer even the hardest questions and get the job
  • Confidence, optimism and resilience on an emotional level to manage the lows and highs of this journey

The more you apply yourself in this process, the more you achieve.

One to One Coaching

Bespoke coaching sessions to suit your specific needs and own pace with resources and exercises to use between sessions.

Recommendation: 1 hour weekly session and added personal work between sessions.

Individual session criteria : 

  • Open to all profiles – From more juniors ( even your first job after university) to MDs
  • Virtual or face to face (West London only) sessions

Group Coaching

Group work brings a diversity of thinking and increased collaboration and commitment. You will support and be accountable to each other every step of this journey.

Overview :

  • 2 10-session programmes :
    1. A 10-week regular option : 10 x 1h30 group session, once a week
    2. A 5-week high-speed option : 10h x 1h30 group session, twice a week
  • 1h individual 1-2-1 coaching for added focus
  • Added personal work between sessions 

Group session participant criteria: 

  • More than eight years’ experience with ideally some management experience 
  • Max of ten participants 
  • Virtual sessions only with Zoom

Various start dates, depending on demand

Why me 

Over my 20 years of working at a senior level in the corporate world, I was made redundant and changed career so I undertand what you are going through. With this in mind, I created a unique career coaching approach using:

  • Effective tools to support you every step of the way, blending my formal AVARAP career coaching training with new insights from 10 years of executive/team coaching such as leadership, culture and teamwork
  • My business mindset, bringing over 30 years business acumen inc 10 years of leadership and culture expertise in various sectors, I understand what you are facing and will effectively support you – So I can work with all types of profiles (from junior employees to Directors)
  • Neuroscience and emotional intelligence expertise, working with your brain and emotions so you are in the optimal mindset to achieve more, as you embed learning and insight along the way
  • A challenging and caring style with an international dimension, A French and English bilingual and binational with international working experience, my open and stimulating style encourages you to self-reflect and connect to your resources and achieve more
  • A recognised expertise collaborating with well established partners , as an independent, I work with the AVARAP and the Prestigious French business school ESCP

Let’s talk

Book a free 30mn appointment in my calendar for a chat or call/text me on 07554 323 883

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