Within your business or career context, I work with who you are: your thoughts, behaviours and mindsets.

Indeed, I apply my neuroscience and emotional intelligence knowledge to explore and work with what truly defines you and makes you happy /perfom. I work with your brain and emotions rather than in spite of them to deliver long-lasting change.

I create a brain-friendly environment, so you work with a positive and solution-seeking mindset, using the energy of emotions (think e-motions). This ‘growth mindset’ starts new neurons wiring which creates new habits over time. This brain capacity to always adapt is called brain plasticity; a powerful force for change.

I also use various coaching models from team systemic, positive and organisational psychology and assessment tools, as well as my own business experience of operating at senior levels in organisations.


I base my approach to working with clients on the following principles :

  • Believe in your potential, your right to be fulfilled
  • Create a positive yet challenging environment for change to happen
  • Create self-awareness, space and thinking time so you understand and regulate your emotions and connect to your own resources
  • Facilitate a forward-thinking journey through solutions, learning, actions and results

Proven methodology, certified tools and clear measurement within a trusted relationship provide a foundation for my approach.

I am also an accredited professional executive coach with the Association for Coaching and as a member, I follow their code of conduct.

Engagement structure & style

  • Understand your needs, discuss what coaching is about to decide if it is right for you at an individual and business level
  • Have a ‘contracting’ session around objectives, outcomes / measurements and logistics including length, timing, location, legal, fees …
  • Regularly review the coaching to adjust it and make sure it achieves what you need

My style is caring and empathic to create a strong relationship with you and empower you. Yet, it is challenging and curious to stretch you, make you accountable and ignite the change you need to succeed.


I am an independent executive coach. I work with carefully selected coaches for larger projects or with complementary skills. I am also an associate in consultancies that represent my values and convictions such as Coode Associates and Heidrick Consulting.

I am also a volunteer mentor with the Prince’s Trust Charity and a volunteer ‘wellbeing’ coach with Project5, supporting NHS staff and key social workers throughout the Covid 19 pandemic and beyond. I want to contribute to a more human society and give back.

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