Within your business or career objectives, I work with who you are: your emotions, beliefs, thoughts, mindsets and behaviours.

Indeed, I apply my neuroscience and emotional intelligence knowledge to explore and work with what defines you – ie your strengths, what makes you happy /perform and what you need to develop. I work with your brain and emotions rather than in spite of them to deliver long-lasting change.

I create a brain-friendly environment, so you work with a positive and solution-seeking mindset, using the energy of emotions (think e-motions). This ‘growth mindset’ starts new neurons wiring creating new habits over time. The brain’s ability to constantly adapt is called brain plasticity; a powerful force for change.

I use various coaching models from team systemic, co-development and collective intelligence to positive and organisational psychology as well as assessment tools. I also tap into my own business experience of operating at senior levels in organisations to ground change in reality.


I base my approach to working with clients on the following principles :

  1. Believe in your potential, your right to be fulfilled and perform
  2. Create a positive yet challenging environment for change to happen. Optimism and resilience are also essential
  3. Create self-awareness, space and thinking time so you understand and regulate your emotions and connect to your own resources to challenge yourself
  4. Facilitate a forward-thinking journey towards solutions, through learning, practice and actions

Proven methodology, certified tools, clear objectives and measurement within a trusted relationship provide the foundation for my approach.

I am also an accredited professional executive coach with the Association for Coaching and as a member, I follow their code of conduct.

Engagement structure & style

  1. Understand and identify your needs and challenges, discuss what coaching is about to decide if it is right for you at an individual and business level
  2. Create an offer (a one off / a program for you, your team or your organisation ) around a ‘contracting’ session with clear objectives, outcomes, measurements and logistics including length, timing, location, legal, fees …
  3. Regularly review and adjust the coaching making sure it achieves agreed outcomes/KPIs

My style is caring and empathic to create a strong relationship with you and empower you. Yet, it is challenging and curious to stretch you, make you accountable and ignite the change you need to succeed.


I am an independent executive and career coach and work with carefully selected coaches. I am also an associate in consultancies that represent my values and convictions such as Coode Associates and Heidrick Consulting. I also work regularly with the French Oxbridge equivalent HEC, Paris (First French business school ) and l’Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau (First French engineering school )

I also want to contribute to a more human society and give back . That’s why I was a volunteer mentor with the Prince’s Trust Charity for over 6 years. I now do pro bono executive coaching with the centre for entrepreneurs. I am also a volunteer coach with Project5, supporting NHS staff and key social workers throughout the Covid 19 pandemic and beyond.

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