Working smarter and better includes feeling valued and cared for. Indeed, being supported and connected is critical to our wellbeing and therefore to our performance.

With this in mind, I offer seminars/talks on the benefits of “a caring culture” combining leadership fundamentals with neuroscience and emotional intelligence science-based facts to help create and sustain behavioural and mindset change in the workplace.

Words for a better world

Using the transformative power of neuroscience and emotional intelligence, I explain “why we behave the way we do” and how to build solid foundations for performance and engagement at work.

Those events can be in the format of team coaching, talks and seminars. They can be face to face or virtual.

To make the content stick more, I also offer ongoing support to overtime embed change for good such as follow-up coaching sessions.

“Sophie presented “It is good to talk” on World Mental Health Day at Metaswitch Networks. It was an engaging talk and our employees walked away with several useful tips on how to address mental health issues in the workplace. Sophie is professional and approachable and I would highly recommend her” – Metaswitch Network

Examples of content

  • How to take care of your employees in the current Covid 19 pandemic
  • What makes productive and engaged teams
  • What makes an authentic and effective leader
  • What makes a performing culture
  • How to be at your best

I can also tailor the content to your specific needs in a format and a timing that suits you best.

“Sophie’s professional insights on navigating the cross-cultural aspects working in MNCs are valuable. During her interactive seminar, participants obtained useful tools to realise their own work styles, and how to work more effectively. Understanding the cultural nuances and being emotionally intelligent is key as it affects the way we communicate with each other at work. Lots of positive feedback” Shell

Why me

  • Passionate about ‘caring’, working with clients and particularly with overwhelmed NHS staffs with Project5, frazzled employees or clients looking for a job, I am acutely aware of the benefits of a caring culture.
  • Experienced facilitator, I have been creating and running sessions for more than 10 years. I know how to engage with an audience, make the content stick so change does happen
  • Expert in leadership and culture, as a coach and facilitator, I have concepts and tools to create insights
  • Expert in neuroscience and emotional intelligence, I have science-based facts to help understand our behaviours, mindsets and actions


Contact me on 07554 323 883 –

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