Business Coaching

With a focus on people’s needs, I unlock potentials so you are fulfilled, energised and engaged to learn, thrive and perform.

If you face challenges such as …  

  • Being at your best, positively managing stress, energy and negative emotions, being confident and making decisions while defining your personal purpose ( and maybe a new career )
  • Creating trust, through clarity and more effective interactions with all stakeholders 
  • Overcoming barriers to team performance: from decision making, meetings to overcoming silos and toxic behaviours
  • Understanding your leadership style to build focus, engagement and unleash potential 
  • Building a culture that is aligned to values, behaviours and organisational ambition and purpose 

I can help you identify your goals and outcomes as an individual, team or organisation and perform thanks to new ways of working positively impacting your talent acquisition and retention, your offering and overall your sales and profitability 

1-2-1 Executive coaching

  • Build self-awareness and become the leader you truly are
  • Build win-win relationships: Listen with empathy and curiosity, offer support and constructive feedback to foster psychological safety and trust
  • Be openminded and flexible with change: Be resilient, optimist and solution-driven

Team coaching

  • Create your team roadmap focusing on where you want to go ( purpose/ ambition ) and how to get there ( strategy/roles and culture) ensuring alignment and seamless execution
  • Tap into your team potential promoting key behaviours such as growth mindset, collective intelligence & accountability, innovation ….   

Executive senior leadership team coaching – Organisational culture

  • Create your company purpose-led strategic, organisational and culture transformation
  • Cascade it throughout your company to engage every employee and turn your business around

Seminar – Facilitation

Listen to and experience the transformative power of applied neuroscience and emotional intelligence to the workplace to increase fulfilment, engagement and performance.

Practical topics include:

  • What makes people thrive and perform at work
  • What makes a good leader
  • What makes a performing culture / team

And much more …..


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