I am an accredited professional executive coach with strong business acumen and ten-year coaching and facilitation experience.

I always learn the latest models and tools in applied neuroscience, emotional intelligence, CBT and mindfulness to best support you and your organisation.


I believe in the power of goodness towards oneself and others. I believe in enabling people to genuinely positively contribute one person, one team and one business at a time.

Everyone has potential and the power to learn, to reframe setbacks and failures, to change and be happy, balanced, fulfilled and successful. Yet, you can only change yourself and your perceptions. However, if you adopt a positive mindset, model the right behaviours, create trusted and valued relationships while sharing a sense of direction, you influence and empower colleagues, teams and organisations towards something more agile and better.

Indeed, our brain is highly social and ’emotional’ – that is a neuroscience fact linked to survival. We thrive when included, recognised and appreciated in a group, be it family, friends, teams or organisations. So creating a caring, empowering and inclusive culture is essential for success, as we are all interdependent.

It all starts with emotions. Indeed, emotions are present in everything you “feel- think- do” each day on the job, in your career, and throughout your life. Decoding, welcoming and regulating yours and others emotions is critical to feel safe and stable, manage and lead others, make decisions and collaborate to trust and perform at your best.

Qualifications & Supervision

  • Accredited professional executive coach with the Association for Coaching
  • Certified in Neuroscience and Leadership Coaching with the Neuroleadership Institute (ICF)
  • Certified in Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Coaching/Assessment with RocheMartin (AoC)
  • Certified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – 3 day course approved by the British Psychology Society
  • Trained in Mindfulness Stress Based Reduction with the Michael Chaskalson Method
  • Certified in Behavioural Profiling (DiSC)
  • Trained in Team Systemic Coaching (ORSC)
  • Qualified group facilitator (L’AVARAP)
  • Member of the Association for Coaching, following their code of ethics
  • Regularly supervised by Rachel Daniel


For over 20 years, I held senior marketing and strategy roles around insights, customer and employee engagement. I quickly realised that their effective implementation was linked to culture and leadership – impetus for change starts at the top. It led me to my current career. This professional experience gives me an acute understanding of the pressures involved in delivering results and key success drivers. So, I understand your challenges and support you in creating ambitious and yet realistic solutions.

I also tap into my life experience. Being a French and English dual national with experience of working abroad, I am open-minded and curious. I am also supportive and understanding as I have faced my fair share of challenges.

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