I build a trust-based relationship with customers by understanding their needs and going the extra mile to support them and deliver results. Therefore, I have supported many clients overtime, in different roles and industries.

So, it is not a surprise that most of my work is from personal recommendations.

Where they work :

What they say :

Culture Change, Team Coaching and Executive Coaching

“At a board level, Sophie helped us develop and infuse a new culture to increase performance within the organisation. Alignment around a vision and collective behaviours was essential to set us up for success. Sophie is an expert who fully understands my business and managerial reality; she offers relevant and personalised support and advice ” – Marketing Director. 

“Sophie is without any doubt, an exceptional coach. She helped me define my limiting beliefs and question the stories I was telling myself as a leader. Sophie took me on a journey where I was able to transform my thought patterns and behaviours and grow into the CEO I am today, achieving more than I could have imagined at the start of our coaching! If you have the opportunity to work with Sophie, it should be a no brainer” – CEO

Sophie’s role was vital in creating and aligning the executive sales team within our newly defined company framework, redefining our team’s role, strategy and behaviours. She also helped me refine some management skills and better understand my team’s potential and style to be more effective”– Sales Director

“I worked with Sophie for over three years on various challenges, from turning around a business and changing its culture, to creating collective alignment and collaboration for effective execution. Her experience, amazing listening skills and ability to read situations and people give her a rare emotional intelligence. She understands how to find collective intelligence to create cohesion while using her business acumen and leadership expertise to deliver on change. Never in my career have I successfully managed critical change so ‘easily’.  I wouldn’t have dared to deal with some of those topics without her support” – Supply Chain Director

“My coaching with Sophie has had a very strong impact on my personal and professional life resulting in a growing business with a happy and motivated team. Sophie is a passionate and trustworthy coach. I recommended her to several people, all were very happy. Being coached by Sophie can change a career!” – Managing Director

“The coaching had a positive impact on a personal and professional level reinforcing my overall management and leadership competencies and greatly influencing my self-esteem and self-confidence. I want to thank Sophie for her integrity, on-going belief in my potential, empathy and listening skills, all essentials pillars in this work and outcome.” – Head of Procurement

Sophie helped me adapt effectively to my new role, build confidence about my abilities, develop new skills and effectively deal with a series of significant management and organisational changes. I now feel more resilient and better equipped to deal with unexpected hurdles and to ‘bounce back’ with solutions.” – Planning Partner

Sophie has helped restore my confidence and given me the tools I require to further improve myself in both work and life. She understood mine and the company’s needs, and provided expert solutions for us to move forward with. I would highly recommend Sophie as an integral part to anyone’s career growth – Operation Manager

“Thank you for your coaching, I found it exceptionally helpful” CGS, Cancer Regional Lead and General Practitioner

Sophie appropriately challenged my views & interpretations. She steered me towards meaningful ways to enjoy my work again as I worked on practical solutions. I am grateful to Sophie for her valuable time, guidance, and support. I would recommend Coaching sessions with Sophie as I benefited from them” – General Practitioner Appraiser

“My sessions with Sophie were engaging and extremely beneficial, giving me the motivation and confidence to make positive changes in both my professional and personal life. I would certainly recommend her to those looking for personal and professional development in a welcoming environment” – Service Manager – Leeds Teaching Hospital

Neuroscience Webinar and Coaching Clinics

“All of Sophie’s webinars are always thought-provoking” – Participant

“Sophie delivered a brilliant workshop. She shared a wealth of practical tips and knowledge that would help any first-time entrepreneur on mindset and business. She had a lovely manner, very encouraging, reassuring and approachable . Thank you Sophie” – Participant

“I would highly recommend Sophie for the webinar sessions and for one-on-one coaching clinic. Sophie has a strong presence and I left feeling motivated.” – Participant

“The coaching clinic was really helpful. I thought 20 minutes would feel too short but it meant we were both really focussed and Sophie helped me with not one but two questions. This could be a good way of enabling more people to have access to her expertise.”– Participant

Career Coaching

“Sophie’s support was instrumental in perfecting my CV and nailing the interview which landed me my first job as a UX Consultant. She prepared me for both technical and cognitive/emotional aspects of these tasks, helping me realise that the hiring process is a two-way street. I will definitely carry this mindset and confidence with me in my career.” University College London – MsC Post Graduate

“Sophie gave me the confidence to believe I was capable of getting the job I wanted rather than settling for the one I thought I could get. She helped me give voice to that which I knew about myself but always struggled to communicate and tell my story in the most efficient and impactful way. The experience has boosted my confidence, as well as my attainment, in the application process immeasurably and I’m sure the skillset I have developed will prove useful for years to come.”- Edinburgh University Graduate

Sophie has helped me realise my true potential through focusing on my core skills while helping me cut through my mental ‘noise’. She has asked all the right questions, found the perfect balance between firm and compassionate guidance and set me up expertly on my career path.” –Exeter University Graduate

”I highly recommend Sophie for your first job hunting; a much trickier process than anticipated, particularly around interviewing and mindset.” Cass Business School Graduate

“At a time when things have felt incredibly static, the sessions have given me a real sense of progression. With Sophie’s help I have realised so much more about my personal attributes and professional worth. I now feel that I can sell myself to employers in a sincere and meaningful way.” – Bristol University Graduate

“Sophie has been extremely helpful in my decision making regarding the start of my career and the job application process. She is a great listener, and I felt very comfortable talking to her about my concerns for the future and my low self-confidence. She helped me analyse my personality preferences, skills, values, and motivations in-depth, and together we built honest, complete and precise answers to interview questions. Thanks to her help, I feel confident and passed all the interview stages for the first job I applied to, which was the one I wanted”. Bath University Graduate

“I came to Sophie with no clue on what I wanted to do as a career. She really helped me realise exactly what I wanted to gain from my job, what the right sectors were for me, and what sort of work environment I would be best suited for. Over the sessions, my confidence and conviction grew exponentially, and I was able to channel that into my job interviews. In the end, I got the first job I applied for. I have started and I have really enjoyed it so far! I cannot recommend Sophie enough!” – St Andrews Graduate

Case studies available on request

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