I build a trust-based relationship with clients by understanding their needs and going the extra mile to support them and deliver results. Therefore, I have worked for more than 6 years with some clients following them in different roles. Most of my work is from personal recommendations.

I support individuals and companies for whom mindset, behaviours and culture are critical to deliver change, long-term performance and fulfilment/wellbeing.

What they say :

“Thank you for you coaching, I found it exceptionally helpful” CGS, Cancer Regional Lead and General Practitioner – The NHS

Sophie’s role was vital in creating and aligning the executive sales team within our new company framework, redefining our team’s role, strategy and behaviours. She also helped me refine some management skills and better understand my team’s potential and style to be more effective”- Sales Director

“The coaching had a positive impact on a personal and professional level reinforcing my overall management and leadership competencies and greatly influencing my self-esteem and self-confidence. I want to thank Sophie for her integrity, on-going belief in my potential, empathy and listening skills, all essentials pillars in this work and outcome.” – Head of procurement

Sophie helped me adapt effectively to my new role, build confidence about my abilities, develop new skills and effectively deal with a series of significant management and organisational changes. I now feel more resilient and better equipped to deal with unexpected hurdles and to ‘bounce back’ with solutions.” – Planning Partner

“My coaching with Sophie has had a very strong impact on my personal and professional life resulting in a growing business with a happy and motivated team. Sophie is a passionate and trustworthy coach. I recommended her to several people, all were very happy. Being coached by Sophie can change a career!” – Managing Director

Where they work:

I also support SMEs and start-ups to embed early inclusive and performing behaviours, the earlier the better!

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